Get Your Ex Love Back Spell

Get Your Ex Love Back Spell

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Get Your Ex Love Back Spell

Get Your Ex Love Back Spell: No one can live without love. Fortunate are those people who get love in their love. Love changes you for the better. It inspires you in life. It is sweet to live with a person who loves you. Morning messages, day talks, late night phone calls, and all those love selfies make your day magical. Waiting for him outside his work place is the sweetest wait for you in life. Cooking delicacies, which your boyfriend likes, is the dream of any girl. If you have been in love ever, you know it’s magic. You know how it keeps you in a state of dream.

Get Your Ex Love Back Spell
Get Your Ex Love Back Spell

Sudden separation from your lover breaks you from inside. It shatters your life. World seems to end when your lover leaves you.

Know the magic to get your ex love back spell. Read the following love spell to bring back your ex back to your life. This powerful love spell will make your lover stay with you forever.

  1. Om Hum (Boyfriend/Girlfriend’s Name) May Vashyam Kuru Kuru Swaha
  2. Om Namoh Kat Vikat Ghor Rupini (Boyfriend/Girlfriend’s Name) Say Vashmanay Swaha
  3. Om Hrim Sah, Om Namoh Kat Vikat Ghor Rupini (Boyfriend/Girlfriend’s Name) Say Vashmanay Swaha

Know the powerful ex love back mantra and bring your lover back to your life. Make your life the way it used to be. There could be any reason for your lover to leave you. This mantra will repair everything that has damaged your love life. It will eradicate all the negativities and restore the lost love of your life.

This powerful love mantra is tantra based. You can read this mantra to get your lover back quickly.

“Aum haum shahum shaahm, Aum hrihm phatt swaaha”.

“Aum kham kham gyaam gyaah mahum pati/patnim vashyahm kuruh kuruh swaha”.

Read this powerful mantra to get the desired person as your life partner.

“Om Gauri Pati Mahadevay Mam Icchit Var (Name of the person who you desire) Shighra Atishighra Praptyartham Gaurayee Namah ||”

This mantra will is for girls to get their boyfriend as their husband. They can get marriage proposals from their desired boy by this Durga Mantra. They can get their lost boyfriend back by chanting this mantra.

The following Sanskrit mantra is for boys to get their desired girl as their wives. They can control their girlfriend and bring them back in live, in case they have lost her.

“ओम पत्नीम मनोरम देहि मनोवृतानुसारिणीम्, तरेणीम दुर्गसंसार सागरस्ये कुलोद्भवम्.”

Read the Shiva mantra to get your lost love:

“ॐ वज्रकरण शिवे रुध रुध भवे ममाई अमृत कुरु कुरु स्वाहा ||”

Attract your lover/wife with the following mantra. This mantra is to attract girlfriends. Your desired girl will come to you with the effect of this mantra.

‘Patneem Manoramaam Dehi, Manovratanusarineem, Tarineem Durg Sansara Sangarasya


You can get ex love back by vashikaran.

Here is the tantra mantra for vashikaran of your lover:

“Om kaamdevaaya vidmahe, Pushpabaanaaya dhimahi, Tannonangaa prachodayaat.”

Read the Katyaayini maha mantra to bring back your ex back to your life.

“Katyaayini Mahaa Maayey, Mahaa Yoginya Dheeshvaree

Nanda Gopa sutam, Devi patim mey, kurutey namaha”

Powerful vashikaran mantra to control your lover:

“Him Kunda Mrinaalaabham Daityaanaam Paramam Gurum

Sarva Shaastra Pravaktaaram Bhaargavam Pranamaamyaham”

The above mantra will drag your lover from everyone and bring him to you. This maha mantra works instantly and brings your lover to you. If your lover is with someone else, this mantra will separate your lover from that person, and bring back to you. Your lover will realize your value and come back to you immediately. The lost will be restored forever.

Do you ever have questioned why your love has failed to keep your lover with you? If you want to get your ex love back by astrology, you would know that Venus is the prime planet that offers you love in your life. If you want to receive flow of love in your life, you should read the Venus mantra regularly to protect your love. This mantra will strengthen your bond with your lover. Your lover will never leave you in future.